Quiros v. Builders FirstSource, LLC – Workers’ Compensation / Personal Injury – Lance Avera and Benjamin Steinberg

When Mr. Quiros finished a long day of work and climbed into the the passenger seat of van owned by his employer for his commute home, he had no idea that his life, and the lives of his wife and three children, would change in an instant. When his co-worker fell asleep at the wheel, the van violently rolled over, and Mr. Quiros suffered catastrophic injuries, including a significant brain injury. After his workers’ compensation benefits were wrongfully denied, Avera & Smith stepped in and brought suit against the responsible parties. Had he been confined to only a workers’ compensation claim, his wife and children would have been entitled to nothing as a result of his injuries. However, after an extremely complex case involving workers’ compensation and personal injury law, Lance Avera and Benjamin Steinberg were able to secure a recovery of over $11,000,000 to benefit his entire family.