What our clients Say

We aren’t afraid to go to trial and fight for the compensation you deserve. From winning against big tobacco to medical malpractice and auto accident cases, we stand for you.

But don’t just take our word for it — here are what our clients are saying about our firm, our staff and our positive outcomes.


“Being a veteran and a mother, I never experienced pain until I was in an accident – regaining consciousness I woke up inside a hospital. I met Rita Phillips, black and blue, tired, sore and depressed. Avera and Smith helped me by rebuilding my life, self-confidence and literally washing away tears. If it wasn’t for Avera and Smith where would I be?? Attorney Mark Avera changed my life . . . fighting for me when I couldn’t fight for myself. I THANK GOD for people like them, each individual in this law firm makes a difference, you become family, and you get a second chance. Thank you for being everything I couldn’t even imagine.”

- T.B.

“If it wasn’t for Avera and Smith handling our case- I don’t know what we would have done.”

- J. and T. M.

“All of the staff at Avera and Smith are not only dedicated to their clients- but honest in all that they do.”

- W.N.

“We live out of state and needed a firm to handle our case that was in Florida; Rod Smith did an excellent job.”

- A.S.

“Returning phone calls, being honest about my case, and asking before going through with anything is what sets Avera and Smith apart from other firms.”

- J.K.

“Avera and Smith fought to get me a top-dollar settlement.”

- M.B.

“I was kept informed as to each course of action and always made to feel like I was a part of my case.”

- D.L.