Business Litigation

Gainesville Business Lawyers

At the law firm of Avera & Smith, we have been representing business owners, entrepreneurs and other clients for more than 60 years. Based in Gainesville, our business lawyers have extensive trial experience. However, we also understand the potential benefits of resolving business disputes outside of the courtroom. In either case, we are dedicated advocates for our clients’ best interests, their professional reputations and the financial viability of their businesses.

Avera & Smith, counsels and represents clients in a broad array of corporate litigation matters, including ones that involve:

  • Corporate and commercial disputes: Corporate and commercial cases may include employee-grievance issues, commercial lease violations, theft of trade secrets and other business litigation issues.
  • Contract disputes: We handle disputes involving contracts and agreements between the company and its shareholders, partners, employees, venders, distributors and other parties.
  • Insurance coverage and liability: We represent our clients in a wide range of insurance coverage disputes and liability matters, working hard to minimize the financial impact on their businesses.
  • Estate and will disputes: This includes challenging validity and interpretation of wills, making claims against trustees for breach of fiduciary duty and other types of property disputes.
  • Alternative dispute resolution: Not all business disputes are best handled through litigation. If the situation warrants it, we can pursue positive solutions through negotiation, arbitration or mediation instead.

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Types of Business Litigation Cases

  • Corporate and Commercial Disputes: Avera & Smith has been practicing corporate and commercial law for over 50 years. We pride ourselves on our mediation and arbitration skills and welcome your call with any case for which you need assistance.

  • Insurance Coverage and Liability: Insurance coverage and liability disputes are often extremely complicated, so having a lawyer who understands and has experience in this area of law is a powerful asset for any business owner or other individual.

  • Estates and Will Disputes: If you are involved in a dispute over a will or an estate, you will need an attorney well versed in this area of practice to help resolve the important and contested issues at stake.