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If you are involved in a dispute over a will or an estate, you will need an attorney well versed in this area of practice to help resolve the important and contested issues at stake. Many times, these issues involve challenges to the validity and interpretation of wills, claims against trustees, issues related to mental capacity and substitute decision-making and other property disputes.

At the Florida law firm of Avera & Smith, we can help bring a swifter resolution to these long and often frustrating cases. Our Gainesville estate lawyers have been counseling and representing clients in a range of legal matters throughout the state for more than 60 years. Whether through litigation or through more cost-effective and less contentious methods such as alternative dispute resolution, you can count on us.

Contested Wills: Is The Document Legally Enforceable?

Florida Statute §732.502(1) states that for a will to be valid and enforceable, it must meet all three of these requirements:

  1. It must be in writing.
  2. It must be signed at the end by the testator (the one making the will).
  3. It must be acknowledged by two witnesses that the testator signed the will.

If any of the requirements are not met, or if either the testator or the witnesses lacked appropriate mental capacity, the validity of the will may be challenged.

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