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The Toll of Texting

The Florida Legislature is moving toward strengthening the law regarding texting and driving. A bill that does so just passed a key legislative committee and is headed in the right direction toward a final vote by the Senate.

Self-Driving Cars Have Both Promise and Pit-Falls

The longer-term hope for autonomous vehicles, if and only if the technology can be perfected, is to remove the inconsistent/imperfect human decision making that causes so many accidents and deaths.

How to Stay Positive, Hopeful and Healthy After An Accident

Accidents are harsh on even the toughest people. Waking up every day and completing daily tasks such as cleaning, going to work, walking the dog, and taking care of your kids can seem impossible. Even doing the things you love can seem like a genuine struggle. Fortunately, there are tried and true strategies for staying upbeat and getting on with your daily life as you recover from your accident.

Hurt on the Job? What to do before and after a workplace injury.

No one likes to think about getting hurt on the job, but it happens when we least expect it. Work can be dangerous, especially if you work in a place or in a profession that is high-risk, such as construction, hospitality, or anything involving machinery or manual labor. In these high-risk industries, it’s especially important to know what to do before and after a workplace injury.

Mark Avera: Holidays Are Reminder to Drink Responsibly

The holiday season is a joyful reminder of the blessings of family, friends and enjoyable times together. As people reflect on the year that was and look ahead to 2017, it's often accompanied by a celebratory drink, or two.

Avera & Smith Wins $10.1 Million Car Accident Judgement

Longtime Gainesville-based law firm Avera & Smith today announced it has prevailed in a disputed liability case before the Orange County Circuit Court against Domino’s Pizza LLC and its delivery driver for a 2011 traffic that occurred at night on January 13, 2011 on East Colonial in Orange County.