Former State Senator Rod Smith Files to Run for State Senate District 8

Gainesville, FL – Today, former State Senator Rod Smith filed to run for the new State Senate District 8. The new District 8 includes many of the same areas Senator Smith has served before, both as a State Senator and State’s Attorney, including the Putnam County, Alachua County, and Ocala communities.

In announcing his candidacy for State Senate, Rod Smith issues the following statement:

“I am excited for the opportunity to again serve the people of Alachua and Putnam counties, as well as northern Marion County. I have chosen to re-enter public service because, while political leaders now running Tallahassee keep assuring us that everything is just fine, we here in North Central Florida know better. I promise you, if you want a Senator who will do just what some powerful, special interests instructs him or her to do, then I am not your guy. If you think your Senator should go along just to get along, then I will not be that guy. But if you want a Senator whose only concern has always been effectively serving the people of North Central Florida, then I am that candidate and I need your help.

For me, public service has always been about doing what’s best for Florida’s families, both for now, and in the future. That may not sit well with those whose only concern is power or partisan advantage, but they aren’t the people I promise to serve. My vote has never been and never will be for sale or lease. Throughout my time as State Attorney, and State Senator, I fought to protect and stand up for those who work hard and play by the rules. I was proud to work with both Republicans and Democrats to improve the quality of life for North Central Florida families – and look forward to doing that again. In today’s environment, some may not like that, but it is the only way to effectively govern.

Lately, I see politicians spending way too much time playing political games, rather than dealing with the tough challenges families have to deal with every day. North Central Florida is concerned about access to healthcare we can afford, quality local schools, a criminal justice system that works, safe drinking water, and, most of all, attracting high quality jobs to North Central Florida. That’s exactly what I will fight for and today, I ask for your help, so that tomorrow we will give our children and grandchildren a better Florida.” 

Rod Smith is a partner with the Gainesville law firm, Avera & Smith. Avera & Smith has a legacy of personal service and genuine care for the firm’s clients and the local community. It provides caring, quality service from experienced and qualified attorneys, a remarkable support staff and state-of-the-art supporting technology.