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Florida bicyclist killed when car hit back tire

During the summer, Floridians are out and about enjoying the long days, beach trips and holiday weekends. Many residents, even tourists, head out on their bikes this time of year, whether it's to get to work or simply ride for fun. Sadly, bike rides can quickly turn tragic if the bicyclist is involved in a car accident.

Bikes are no match for motorized vehicles and this was evidenced recently when a Wellborn, Florida man was killed when a car hit his bike. The accident occurred during the morning hours when a female driver veered slightly off the side of the road and onto the shoulder. That's when her right front tire struck the 50-year-old bicyclist's back tire. The man was travelling along the edge of the road closest to the shoulder. The impact ejected the man off his bike and onto the hood of the woman's vehicle.

Serious injury and death involved in holiday boat crash

Major holidays, like Independence Day, come with increased travel and traffic on the roads. In the summer, rivers, lakes and oceans also see increased boat traffic as Florida residents spend their vacation time on the water with friends and families. The water is also a fun place to watch fireworks shows, which is what many people in Miami were doing on the recent holiday. But, just as heavy road traffic might lead to an increase in car accidents, heavy boat traffic can also be dangerous, especially if a negligent or reckless driver is involved.

This Independence Day saw chaos after a fireworks show in Biscayne Bay. Following the show, a large boat crashed into another boat, killing four people. Others involved in the accident suffered serious injuries. The 32-foot boat was carrying five people when it hit the second vessel, tossing the driver and another passenger overboard. The remaining passengers were knocked unconscious.

Work accident victim identified in wood chip incident

Law enforcement officials and federal occupational safety authorities are investigating a fatal accident at a Florida work site that occurred last week. A 42-year-old employee tragically died when he came into contact with a wood chipper while working on tree-trimming.

The details of the devastating workplace accident are difficult to read. According to co-workers, three individuals, including the victim, were clearing debris in Davie, Florida, when the victim went through the industrial size machine. It is not clear if the man was pulled into the machine or if he merely fell in. The main contractor for the tree-trimming project was a commercial lawn care and landscape company located in Davie. The plan was to remove palms and melaleuca from the sides of the road, a routine clean up that is performed annually in June prior to hurricane season.

Young man killed in crash in Jacksonville

Bicycling accomplishes many things. It can be a sport, a pastime or an economical and environmentally-friendly means of travel. Although there are many benefits to riding a bike, the activity also comes with a certain amount of risk. As much as cyclists try to be careful as they share roads with other drivers, accidents do happen and cyclists are more likely to be victims of these accidents.

Recently, a pickup truck struck a man walking his bike through a crosswalk. The accident occurred in Jacksonville and the cyclist did not survive. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the pickup driver started to make a right hand turn when he hit the 24-year-old bicyclist. At the time of the accident, the cyclist was apparently walking his bike through an intersection at a designated cross walk. The victim was taken to the hospital where he died. The crash happened during an early Friday morning around 6 a.m.

Truck driver ticketed in chain reaction crash

As drivers, we are all responsible for our conduct on the road. Each and every Florida driver has a duty to drive with a certain standard of care. If that standard of care if breached through negligent or reckless behavior, then the breaching driver may be liable for any resulting damage.

When it comes to truck drivers, however, many of these drivers are also acting as employees, and therefore some of the liability may be attributable to the employer of a negligent or reckless truck driver. Trucking company liability is based on a theory that an employer is responsible for the actions of employees.

Report findings reveal unsafe working conditions

The workplace accident occurred last summer, but the victims of the incident and their families may still be feeling the impact. On July 29, a forklift spark started a fire at a Florida plant that subsequently blasted hundreds of metal tanks into the air. The tanks each weighed 20 pounds and seven workers were injured on the job during the blast. Blue Rhino, the company at issue, repairs and refills consumer propane tanks.

The Florida Department of Agriculture followed up with an investigation through its Bureau of Liquefied Gas Inspections. The report findings were released recently and revealed that human error was to blame. But that is where the information ends. The report did not conclude who, exactly, was at fault. The investigation turned up some conflicting information from plant managers and other employees.

Speeding driver killed, two passengers injured in Florida crash

All drivers have a duty to operate their vehicles with reasonable care. Unfortunately, with the number of people on the road at any given time, many drivers do not uphold this duty and accidents occur. Negligent and reckless drivers are a danger to the rest of those traveling along the roads, not to mention their own passengers.

A tragic scene of this nature recently played out in Palm Beach County, Florida, when one person died and two other people were seriously injured following a car accident.

Florida officers focus on reckless drivers over holiday weekend

With Memorial Day Weekend drawing to an end, summer is officially here. The holiday weekend is hopefully filled with grilling out, parades and family and friends. When the weather is nice, more and more people flock to the outside, hitting the roads and the water.

Florida was lucky this past weekend and had quite warm weather throughout most of the state. Because of the high temperatures, law enforcement agencies were warning residents to make sure they stayed hydrated throughout the celebrations and to wear sunscreen.

Fatal bike accident may have involved alcohol

Bicyclists and drivers are both expected to follow the rules of the road. These rules encompass the Florida state and local traffic laws. But even though bicyclists and drivers have similar duties to exercise reasonable care while using the roadways, cyclists may be much more susceptible to accidents and injuries due to the structural and physical components of a bike.

Bikes are smaller, lighter, harder to see and offer much less protection than the typical car or motorized vehicle. Bicyclists can easily get lost in a driver's blind spot, thereby increasing the potential for collisions.

Drunk driver's erratic behavior involved in accident

Drunk drivers are a serious danger to themselves and to anyone else who crosses their path. In the blink of an eye, these drivers can swerve into oncoming traffic, run a red light, or fail to yield to a pedestrian. These impaired drivers, therefore, can cause serious car accidents and injure or even kill others.

One driver in Boca Raton, Florida recently made the decision to drive while under the influence. The 30-year-old woman caused a chain reaction crash involving three cars. According to police, the woman was speeding along Palmetto road before the accident.

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