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Caring legal assistance for drunk driving accident victims

Drunk driving remains a perennial problem in Florida. The state, which consistently ranks fourth in terms of the number of auto accidents incurred yearly, does have specific laws in place to prevent and address drunk driving accidents. However, there are times when these policies are insufficient and additional action may be necessary. This is where our Gainesville-based law firm comes in.

Our law firm has a distinctive reputation of providing caring and client-centered, quality legal service while also being as aggressive as necessary. Our experienced lawyers include a Florida Board-certified Civil Trial Law specialist have helped countless victims of drunk driving accidents seek justice and the appropriate compensation. We have a long list of successful cases. These kinds of accidents can cause serious injuries like neck, spine and brain injuries. Besides the physical struggles, they can also incur financial injuries from medical expenses and lost wages.

How and why does distracted driving lead to auto accidents?

With the popularity of cellphones and then smartphones over the last decade, distracted driving has become a problem around the country, including Florida. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 1,100 people are injured and more than nine people are killed every day in motor vehicle accidents that are directly caused by distracted driving.

How can distracted driving lead to an auto accident? Distracted driving increases the likelihood of accidents because it involves three separate tasks. First, a driver must take the person's eyes off road to text or read. Second, a driver often must let go of the steering wheel to type or use a cellphone or smartphone keyboard. Third, a driver mentally disengages from the act of driving to talk or type. Any one of these activities increases the chance an accident. Altogether, they practically invite trouble.

Federal statistics show cycling accidents too common in Florida

Florida residents ride bicycles for a variety of reasons. Some are sports enthusiasts, some want to help preserve the environment, some want to reap the health benefits of bicycle riding and some want to enjoy Florida's beauty up close. Regardless of why they ride, all of them need to remember to ride safely because they have no real protection against other vehicles. The same safety reminder also applies to motor vehicle drivers who encounter bicyclists.

According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, some 49,000 cyclists were injured and 726 riders died in motor vehicle accidents in 2012. Bike accidents comprised 2.2 percent of all fatal traffic accidents in the country and increased by six percent over 2011. Florida's share of the total was approximately 17 percent with 122 fatalities and five percent of all fatal accidents in the state.

Florida retail workers need a holiday safety plan

With Black Friday and the start of the holiday buying season approaching, shopping malls and retail stores are expecting herds of Florida residents to flock to their establishments. While owners and managers build up merchandise stock and prepare their stores for increased business, retail workers can get lost in the shuffle. With stores packed with people and items, workers may not just face long and difficult work hours, but may also face the increased likelihood of workplace injuries.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is aware of the increased safety risk to retail workers during the holiday season. The agency recently addressed a letter to the largest retailers in the country to recommend that they provide the necessary precautions for the safety of retail workers. Black Friday crowds pushing and shoving their way to holiday bargains, in particular, have provided the impetus for unsafe working conditions in recent years. Both customers and retail workers can be injured in the process -- as evidenced by a case in 2008 when a worker died after being trampled by customers.

Fighting for Florida victims' rights in truck accidents

In many truck accidents fatalities occur because of the trucks' massive size and cargo. Those who survive truck accidents can still suffer serious injuries, and some are left permanently disabled. Besides the physical injuries, victims can also suffer from emotional and financial injuries as well. Our Gainesville law firm can fight for the rights of victims as they seek justice and appropriate compensation for their damages.

Truck driver errors can often be the cause of accidents. Driving a truck requires considerable skill, so drivers should remain alert, attentive and extra cautious at all times. When they fail to do so and cause injuries to others, our lawyers, who are Civil Trial Law Board certified specialists, can guide victims with all of their legal needs.

Drowsy driving suggests major factor in car accidents

When it comes to driving, impaired is impaired, whether that means driving under the influence of alcohol or driving while drowsy. Many Florida residents, like many other Americans, have driven while nearly asleep-and even fallen asleep. However, concern is growing nationwide that drowsy driving is an underreported and underappreciated problem, one that is severe enough to be responsible for many car accidents.

A survey recently released by the National Sleep Association showed that almost 30 percent of U.S. drivers admitted to dozing off while driving. The figures may seem small when compared to drunken driving and other forms of distracted driving, but data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows some 100,000 crashes are caused by drowsy driving in the United States every year. The results include 71,000 injuries and more than 1,500 deaths and a mind-boggling $12.5 billion in economic losses. In Florida, more than 2,800 drowsy driving-related auto accidents were reported in 2011. The accidents left 21 people dead and nearly 2,400 people injured.

Fatal bike accidents on the rise in Florida and 5 other states

Over the last decade, bicycling has grown in popularity because of the numerous health benefits it offers riders. Beyond that, bicycling is also economical, and it cuts carbon emissions and traffic congestion. However, as the number of bicyclists has surged, so have bike accidents, including here in Florida.

According to statistics recently released by the national Governor's Highway Safety Association, fatalities from bicycle accidents increased by 16 percent from 2010 to 2012. The 2011 statistic of 680 deaths rose to 722 in 2012. More than half of all fatalities occurred in just six states -- Michigan, New York, Texas, Illinois, California and Florida. California and Florida not only had the largest numbers of bicycle accident fatalities but also the highest increase in total fatalities.

Is distracted driving a factor in truck accidents?

Before the invention of smartphones, drunk driving was one of the main causes of car and truck accidents. Although drunk driving is always a concern, distracted driving has become one of the recent primary reasons for accidents. Florida drivers realize how dangerous distracted driving is, especially when they are behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle. Serious injuries and deaths are common when it comes to truck accidents.

What are the distracted driving statistics concerning commercial vehicles and trucks? In the latest study of the SmartDrive Distracted Driving Index, five percent of distracted truck drivers were distracted 79 percent of the time when they were executing risky maneuvers. The research defined "risky maneuvers" as situations such as swerves, sudden stops and collisions. The data, conducted in 2012, was derived from vehicles equipped with video recorders. Over 15 million video events were analyzed during the course of the study.

OSHA cites Florida contractor as fall hazard campaign heats up

Falls are the leading cause of fatalities in the workplace and the numbers continue to grow. Since construction work usually involves working at great heights, the trend is definitely alarming. To help curb fall hazards, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration launched a program that emphasizes the need for better fall protection. The campaign seems to have gathered steam, especially after the agency recently cited a Florida contractor for failing to look after the safety of its workers.

The Jacksonville contractor faced OSHA violations after an agency investigation showed that construction workers in three work areas went about their work without a fall protection system. The workers performed residential construction. Three citations were handed out. One was for allowing workers to use a stepladder's top step, prohibited by OSHA, and two were for violations of fall protection regulations. The contractor was fined more than $188,000 for the violations.

What are the signs that a drunk driver is on a Florida road?

Drunk driving is always a concern in Florida and across the entire United States. Every year, drunk driving accidents result in serious injuries and fatality to motorists. However, drunk driving is very preventable, not just on the part of the drunk driver but on the part of the motorist as well. Here are a few drunk driving-related tips for Florida motorists.

How can motorists spot possible drunk drivers? There are typical signs that the person behind the wheel is a drunk driver. One sign is that the vehicle is having trouble staying in the lane or the vehicle is constantly swerving or weaving. The second sign is when a driver is having trouble following the speed limit or brakes too early. Three, when the driver does not follow or has a delayed reaction to traffic regulations. Strange behavior and poor judgment are also signs of driver intoxication.

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